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Mini Scrunchie-Amethyst (set of 3)

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LIMN Scrunchies stands very dear to everything we have been working towards to date. Handcrafted by Radha Akka (sister in Tamil), who help us run our household and is a blessing in disguise, through our Scrunchies we look to further empowering her and the bundle of talent she has.

We’ve made the scrunchies minimal and comfortable with a hint of chaos, just like all our other products on LIMN. The scrunchies are crafted around a super soft stretchable cotton elastic which helps us ensure that they don't tug or hurt your hair. Yes! we got you. No more hair breakage or headaches due to rough hair ties. Our scrunchies will leave minimal or no dents on your beautiful hair.

P.S: Turns into a cute accessory for your hand too.


Soft satin.