This is probably going to make you giggle- The designer, Avantica Hemanth (aka Akku) spent days trying to figure out what she was going to name her brand. So she went to a library and found a little book titled,"Smart words for dumb people", and ta-da she found LIMN!
LIMN means to depict or describe in the form of art.
Avantica is an obvious stationery junkie, lettering freak and now an accidental entrepreneur. She had been making patterns for years and had always wanted to create her own line of stationery but didn’t know when, how or where to start. 
After her college, she worked at an advertising agency for a year and realised she wasn’t in love with the job. But one evening very spontaneously she decided to quit her job, pitched the idea to her parents (who are ever so supportive and loved the idea) and worked on creating her brand. LIMN doodle books was the first product to be launched.
All the seven kingdoms were searched to find the most delicious paper in all of the realms, to create these magical bundles of colour. 
"Getting to do what I love everyday, not hating Mondays and playing with beautiful colours- This is my dream job. I never imagined that I’d get the opportunity to do it and now I’m lovin' every single moment of it!”- Akku