The Story

Step into our vibrant world of joy, creativity, and laughter, carefully curated by Avantica Hemanth.

Avantica embodies the timeless tale of someone who has been sketching since childhood, her trusty pencil always within reach. It may sound ordinary, but unlike her peers, she never ceased to bring her visions to life.

Our unwavering mission has been to mindfully craft and sustainably produce exquisite products, thanks to the remarkable skills of our talented Indian artisans. Without their expertise, our endeavors would remain mere dreams. At LIMN, we take immense pride in offering a wide array of handmade treasures, with 90% of them crafted lovingly by Indian women. We also strive to empower and support individuals from marginalized communities.

Nestled in the radiant city of Chennai, we find it fitting to conclude with a bright, sunny sentiment. Together, let us spread warmth and radiance, one sunbeam at a time! ☀️

For a deeper understanding of LIMN's journey to fruition, we invite you to explore our enlightening blog.