This is probably going to make you giggle- I, Avantica, spent days trying to figure out what i was going to name my brand. So I went to a library and found a little book titled,"Smart words for dumb people", and ta-da I found LIMN!
LIMN means to depict or describe in the form of art.
I’m an obvious stationery junkie, colour freak and now an accidental entrepreneur. I had been making patterns for years and had always wanted to create my own line of stationery and curate handmade lifestyle products but didn’t know when, how or where to start, I don't come from a business background so I had to figure things out on my own.
After finishing my college degree in B.Sc visual communication, I worked at an advertising agency for a year and realised i wasn’t in love with the job. One evening very spontaneously I decided to quit my job, pitched the idea to my parents (who are ever so supportive and loved the idea) and worked on creating my brand. LIMN's iconic A5 doodle books were the first products to be launched.
But obviously, when you start a new business it doesn’t pick up immediately. So I worked at a 9-5 social media marketing agency and also freelanced for 2 years while building LIMN. I didn't know where LIMN would be heading but I knew I wanted to build it with my hard-earned income. Thankfully, I had an extremely understanding workplace where they let me work according to my convenience because they understood my vision.
I do still freelance till date because it keeps me active with my creativity.
I'll never forget the feeling of holding that first doodle book in my hand, it was beyond overwhelming and I now feel this way every time I get an order from my supportive community!
LIMN is based in Madras and is a small team consisting of my mom, dad and husband. They help me with all the packing of orders and the boring old business end of things. But the most important members of our team are my 2 favourite fluff balls.
Please do contact us if you have any queries, or follow us on Facebook & Instagram