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Kaira Journal

Kaira Journal

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The artwork depicted on this journal features detailed ginkgo leaves with gold foiling and scattered with goldfishes which are often seen as symbols of luck and good fortune. Inspired by this captivating design, the journal is aptly named "KAIRA," representing a vast, forested wilderness nestled between rivers.

Within our sustainable journal, you can express and reflect, making it an essential companion on any journey. Whether capturing creative art, documenting new chapters in life, or simply indulging in the joy of stationery, our journal becomes a cherished part of the experience.

Our tagline captures our values: "minimalism and functionality with a hint of chaos". Whatever your artistic pursuit - writing, sketching, painting, and more! You have the tools you need to express yourself.


Our notebooks are renowned for their outstanding paper quality. Our 120 GSM paper enables an ink or paint, bleed-free experience, making it the ideal choice for scrapbooking, sketching, painting, and pen work. In cases of heavy paint or ink use, we suggest inserting a protective sheet beneath the page to prevent any transfer to the subsequent sheets.


      6" x 8.5"
      140 pages
      120 GSM, blank paper
      Smooth matte hardcover
      Hand-pressed gold foiling
      Elastic closure
      Gold spiral bound


      We proudly use FSC® certified materials, sourced responsibly from forests managed to reduce environmental impact. FSC materials help protect forests and minimise waste, while using half the water compared to virgin paper production.

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