Stationery Never Stationary

Stationery Never Stationary

Since this is my inaugural blog, I wanted to share a bit about myself and the path I've taken.

Prepare for a chuckle:

I spent days racking my brain for the perfect name for my brand. Finally, I ventured into a historic library in Chennai called Higginbothams and stumbled upon a captivating book titled "Smart Words for Not-So-Smart People." Opening it randomly, I discovered the word that instantly captured my attention—LIMN.

LIMN means to depict or describe through art. It felt like destiny unfolding before my eyes!

I unabashedly confess to being a stationery enthusiast, a lover of colours and now an accidental entrepreneur. For years, I had been creating patterns and nurturing the dream of curating my own line of stationery and handmade lifestyle products. However, I was clueless about when, how, or where to start.

During my school days, I was a below-average student with a rebellious streak who despised studying. I must admit, I can't recall a single exam I passed without a little help from a friend 😅. This was mainly because deep down, I knew I wanted to pursue something artistic, and knowledge about events ending in 1895 wasn't exactly relevant to my artistic aspirations. Education is undeniably important, and I consider myself fortunate to have had a school life, but my heart was never truly in it. 

After completing a degree in B.Sc Visual Communication, I found employment at an advertising agency. However, it didn't take long for me to realize that the job failed to ignite a passion within me. Listening to my instincts, I made a spontaneous decision one evening—I quit my job, pitched the idea to my supportive parents (who loved it), and began working on building my brand.

Being fiercely independent, I was determined not to rely on my parents for financial support or seek external investments when launching my brand. However, starting a new business doesn't guarantee immediate success.

So, I hustled. I took up a 9-5 job at a social media marketing agency, fortunate enough to have understanding colleagues who allowed me to work on my terms because they believed in my vision.

Back in 2016 (wow, I feel ancient), platforms like Instagram and Facebook weren't the thriving marketplaces for small businesses as they are now. Consequently, I participated in countless exhibitions and pop-ups in Chennai, sometimes even on a weekly basis. It was exhausting but worthwhile since I didn't have a website at the time. I relied heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations!

While juggling all these responsibilities and seeking additional income, I freelanced as a graphic designer.

Even now, I occasionally freelance, but only with brands that truly resonate with me. I particularly enjoy working with startups as it grants me greater creative freedom. Having experienced firsthand how costly certain endeavors can be, I'm always ready to lend a hand whenever possible! I wasn't certain where this journey would lead, but I knew I wanted to build it from the fruits of my own labor. I practically had no social life for a considerable period until I realized the importance of taking breaks, breathing, and, most importantly, seeking help (far more important than you may realize).

Our beloved A5 notebooks were the first products introduced on LIMN back in 2016. Since then, the brand has expanded to encompass a diverse range of stationery and lifestyle products, all personally designed by me or through collaborations with artists I admire. Additionally, a significant portion is handcrafted by local artisans, with 95% of them being women-led. 👸🏽

I will forever cherish the overwhelming feeling of holding that first notebook in my hands. It surpassed all expectations, and now, every order and every piece of feedback from our supportive community elicits the same joy! 🤍

LIMN finds its home in sunny Chennai and comprises a small but dedicated team. Yet, the most vital members of our crew are my two favorite furballs—Snuffy and Sky. My core team will always consist of my mom, dad, and my husband. They were there to assist with order packaging and handle the mundane aspects of running a business. I even found myself packing orders just a few hours before leaving for my own wedding! 🙈 

Getting LIMN to where it is today required an immense amount of hard work. It goes to show that success isn't merely a product of luck or blowing out candles; it's the result of pure dedication and perseverance.

My hope is that my journey inspires you to dare to dream, to envision your aspirations, and to do everything in your power to transform those dreams into reality.


Until the next blog!

Hugs + Rainbows,


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Reading this knowing my Limn Package is on its way to me! What a queen, more power to you Avantica! ❤️ You’ve built Limn and a community of individuals who believe in your craft! Sending good juju your way! 🧿✨


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