Stationery Never Stationary

Stationery Never Stationary

Since this is my first blog, I thought I’d share a little about me and my journey.

This is probably going to make you giggle:

I spent days trying to figure out what I was going to name my brand. So I went to a very old library in Chennai called Higginbothams and found a very pretty book that I think was titled, “Smart words for not so smart people", I opened it to a random page and literally the first word that caught my attention was LIMN.

LIMN means to depict or describe in the form of art. I know, it’s DESTINY!✨

I’m an obvious stationery junkie, colour freak and now an accidental entrepreneur. I had been making patterns for years and had always wanted to create my own line of stationery and curate handmade lifestyle products but didn’t know when, how or where to start.

I was a below average student in school, HATED studying and was a complete rebel. I don’t remember one exam that I had passed without copying from a friend 😅. This is mainly because I always knew I wanted to do something with my art and for pursuing that I didn’t really need to know about what ended in 1895. I did my degree in B.Sc visual communication, after I graduated from college I worked at an advertising agency for a year and realised i wasn’t in love with the job. I listened to my gut and one evening I very spontaneously decided to quit, pitch the idea to my parents (who are ever so supportive and loved the idea) and worked on creating my brand. 

I’m an extremely independent person and did not want to borrow money from my parents or ask for investments when I launched my brand. But when you start a new business it doesn’t pick up immediately. 

So I did a lot of hustling. I worked at a 9-5 social media marketing agency. Thankfully, I had an extremely understanding workplace where they let me work according to my convenience because they believed in my vision.

Instagram and Facebook wasn’t really a huge marketplace like it is now for small businesses back in 2016 (wow, I feel old) so I did A LOT of exhibitions and pop-ups almost every other week in Chennai, which was exhausting but worth it because I didn’t have a website either then. I had to depend on word of mouth!

 While doing all this and to earn more income, I also freelanced as a graphic designer. 

I do still freelance but only with brands that really speak to me, I like working more with start-ups because I have more freedom with creativity and I personally know how expensive it is to get things done, so I help out whenever I can! I didn't know where this would be heading but I knew I wanted to build it with my hard-earned income. I literally had no social life for a long time, till I realised I needed to breathe, that it’s okay to take a break and most importantly it’s okay to ask for help. (This is more important than you know)


Our most loved A5 notebooks were the first products to be launched on LIMN  back in 2016 and now there’s a whole range of stationery and lifestyle products that are all designed by me / collaborations with artists I personally adore or handmade by local artisans that i work with- all of whom are from India and 95% women led.👸🏽

I'll never forget the feeling of holding that first notebook in my hand, it was beyond overwhelming and I now feel this way every time I get an order or feedback from my supportive community!🤍


LIMN is based in Chennai aka Madras and consists of a small team. Though the most important members of our team are my 2 favourite fluff balls- Snuffy & Sky. My core team will always be my mom, dad and my husband; they used to help me with all the packing of orders and the boring old business end of things. Even few hours before I had to leave for my wedding, I was packing orders!🙈

I definitely worked my butt off to get LIMN where it is today and just goes to show that it’s not always luck or blowing candles, it’s pure hard work that gets you where you want to go.

I hope my journey inspires you to daydream about your dreams and do everything in your power to get your dreams to become your reality. 


Catch you in the next blog!

Hugs + Rainbows,


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Reading this knowing my Limn Package is on its way to me! What a queen, more power to you Avantica! ❤️ You’ve built Limn and a community of individuals who believe in your craft! Sending good juju your way! 🧿✨


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