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The Really Big Journal - 90's Kid

The Really Big Journal - 90's Kid

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Introducing the "Really Big Journal" - your ticket to unlimited creativity, epic doodles, and endless adventures on paper! If you've ever felt cramped in a regular-sized journal, get ready to unleash your ideas in this spacious wonderland.

Journaling is like having a secret conversation with yourself, where you're the writer, artist, and dreamer all at once. Our eco-friendly and sustainable journals are the perfect playground for your imagination. Whether you're starting a new chapter, unleashing your creative superpowers, or simply indulging in a serious stationery addiction (we get it!), our Really Big Journal is here to make your journaling journey a blast. Get ready to go BIG!


  • 11.69" x 16.53"
  • 80 pages
  • 120 GSM, blank paper
  • Motivational first page
  • Smooth matte hardcover
  • Hand-pressed gold foil
  • Spiral bound


We proudly use FSC® certified materials, sourced responsibly from forests managed to reduce environmental impact. FSC materials help protect forests and minimise waste, while using half the water compared to virgin paper production.

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Our notebooks are renowned for their outstanding paper quality. Our 120 GSM paper enables an ink or paint, bleed-free experience, making it the ideal choice for scrapbooking, sketching, painting, and pen work. In cases of heavy paint or ink use, we suggest inserting a protective sheet beneath the page to prevent any transfer to the subsequent sheets.

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