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The Really Big Journal - 90's Kid

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If you've ever wanted more space to write, scrapbook or doodle, look no further! Our really big journal's are here to save the day. 

Journaling is like whispering to one's self and listening at the same time. Our eco-friendly and sustainable journals can be anything you want it to be. It can be a new chapter in your life, your creative masterpieces or you're just a stationery addict like us!

What our tagline says is what we bring to you,"minimalism and functionality with a hint of chaos". 


  • 11.69" x 16.53"
  • 80 pages
  • 120 GSM, blank paper
  • Motivational first page
  • Smooth matte hardcover
  • Hand-pressed gold foil
  • Spiral bound


We use materials that are FSC® certified.

FSC is an acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council which is an independent, non-governmental, non- profit organization that was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

The use of FSC Recycled materials/products can help to reduce the pressure of demand on sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests and in return effectively managing and handling waste.

Basically what the FSC does is create material which is made from responsibly sourced wood fibre and the forests from which it has been harvested are managed in a way that reduces their environmental impact. It also uses half the amount of water that virgin paper does.


Our journals are known for it's impeccable paper quality. Scrapbooking, sketching, painting or writing with an ink pen, our 120 GSM paper allows you to have a bleed proof and ghost-free writing experience. Some heavy usage of paints and inks might bleed through, so it's suggested to keep a sheet of paper behind to avoid any mishap to the other sheets in the book.