Pride Pack 2
Pride Pack 2
Pride Pack 2
Pride Pack 2

Pride Pack 2

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We have curated special packs from our website only for Pride month in order to raise funds for this initiative taken by Pink List India, Helping Hands and Youth Feed India.

30% from EACH order from these packs will go towards this fundraiser.


- 1 x A5 90's Kid Journal

- 1 x Sparkling Petite Book

- 1 x Rainbow OD Jotter Book (set of 2)

(for more information on each of the products please go through the website)

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic rages across India, the LGBTQ+ community faces unique challenges. Sex workers have lost their daily wages, trans people have no official ID for government schemes, and those in the closet living with their parents have lost all forms of physical safe spaces.

Pink List India is collaborating with Youth Feed India and Helping Hands Charitable Trust to support grassroots organisations in delivering urgent food relief to queer and trans persons all over India. In the first phase, the Pride Fundraiser aims at raising funds, procuring, and distributing emergency ration kits to vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community in 12 cities across 8 states.

This includes trans persons who rely on begging or sex work to earn daily wages, folk artists who have lost opportunities to perform amidst lockdown, people living with HIV who are particularly immunocompromised, and children who have lost support systems and networks of care during or before the pandemic.

Each ration kit costs INR 600 and contains essential food supplies — rice, dal, aata, salt, sugar, tea, spices — intended to last a group of four individuals for up to two weeks. The kits will be locally sourced and distributed by grassroots organisations featured on PINK LIST's page to ensure that relief reaches those who need it most in the quickest ways possible.

About Pink List India

Pink List India works at the intersection of politics, technology, and queerness to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in India. Since its inception in 2019, Pink List has worked towards creating a list of Indian parliamentarians who have spoken up on LGBTQ+ rights, put together a hackathon on building resilient anti-discrimination policies, and supported queer-led COVID-19 fundraisers. Know more about amazing work on Instagram, Twitter, or website.

About Youth Feed India

In 2020, a group of young Indians from 6 cities came together to create Youth Feed India to address the hunger crisis amidst COVID-19 lockdowns. Over the course of six months, YFI delivered more than 75,000 emergency ration kits to 3,00,000 people in one of the largest citizen-led food relief programs in the country. Know more about their initiative on Instagram, Twitter, or website.


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