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Eat Meal Planner

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Life is hard but planning out your meals shouldn't be.

A useful essential planner to help organise your meals for the week ahead. Just one day a week and probably one hour or less is all you need to fly through your week without wasting any time on thinking about what you need to cook/eat.

This could even be a fun family ritual where you sit down together and plan out your weekly meals. This makes it so much easier for the person who is cooking your nutritious meals too!

Always remember: A happy tummy is a happy mind.


  • 11.6" x 8.2"
  • FSC certified paper
  • Tear off sheets: 60
  • Illustration on every sheet
  • Cardboard backing
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging


We use materials that are FSC® certified.

FSC is an acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council which is an independent, non-governmental, non- profit organization that was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

The use of FSC Recycled materials/products can help to reduce the pressure of demand on sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests and in return effectively managing and handling waste.

Basically what the FSC does is create material which is made from responsibly sourced wood fibre and the forests from which it has been harvested are managed in a way that reduces their environmental impact. It also uses half the amount of water that virgin paper does.